About us

The Instytut Maszyn Spożywczych company boasts many years of experience in producing machines and devices used in various fields of food processing: meat, confectionery, fruit and vegetables, and other foodstuffs.

Instytut Maszyn Spożywczych Sp. z o.o. continues the tradition of the former state company. However, now that the company is supervised by a dynamic private owner, much more emphasis is put on the implementation of modern and functional solutions for machine and device production.

In recent years, our speciality has been manufacturing machines used in the production of pierogies, patties, various types of dumplings, potato gnocchi, pancakes, etc.

We have widened our offer with the addition of machines used in wood processing.

The modern and diversified machine park in conjunction with competent and experienced personnel (with a track record in designing and building machines and devices) help us complete tailor-made individual commissions not only in the food industry.

According to clients' requirements, we install any control and industrial automation systems in the machines we build.

The Instytut Maszyn Spożywczych company, as a machine producer, has its own technological solutions, patents and utility models.

Based on the patents and utility models we have developed for our machines and devices, we continue our effort to build even better and more efficient machines that at the same time have a fewer number of defects and enhanced energy efficiency. A good example of this is the Food Forming Machine used for the production of pierogies. It features a 1.1 kW motoreducer in the new 01MG5 model, which has been in production since 2012.

The basis of our company is clients' satisfaction and our own satisfaction with a job well done.