Type 01FP Stuffed Potato Dumpling & Silesian Dumpling Forming Machine


Its function is to form potato dumplings with stuffing and without stuffing and Silesian dumplings with a small hole from pre-prepared dough and stuffing, using the waste-free method
The machine manufactures products of the following unit weight:

  • potato dumplings with stuffing o/ from 25 to 40 mm
  • potato dumplings without stuffing o/ from 20 to 50 mm
  • Silesian dumpling flattened with a small hole (18-20 g) dimensions 22/34 mm
  • Silesian dumpling with a small hole (18-50 g)

Technical data

productivity – potato dumplings with stuffing115 kg/h
productivity – Silesian dumpling90 kg/h (approx. 80–120 items/minute)
Installed power1.1 kW
Supply~ 3 x 380 V
Overall dimensions (length/width/height)500/ 950 / 1320 mm
Weightapprox 130 kg

The machine has been designed by and manufactured at Instytut Maszyn Spożywczych.
It has passed technical tests and is an ideal solution for small and large producers of convenience foods. It is particularly popular among the clients in the Eastern Europe market.