Ball-shaped Product Forming Machine (Silesian dumplings, forcemeat balls)

BALL-SHAPED PRODUCT FORMING MACHINE – for making potato dumplings, meatballs, forcemeat balls, minced meat balls.

Technical data

Overall dimensions (length/width /height)400x 760x800
Weight38 kg
Supply voltage3x380V, 50Hz
Control voltage24V
Installed system of protection against electric shockearthing
Installed power0.37 kW
Motor protection levelIP55
Equivalent sound levelbelow 70 dB(A)
Productivity150 kg/h


The Ball-shaped Product Forming Machine is designed for making uniform ball-shaped products from all sorts of materials, e.g. meatballs, forcemeat balls, minced meat balls, and various types of dumplings.
The Forming Machine is compliant with all hygiene-related requirements and regulations for machines used in the food industry. All the parts of the forming machine which come into contact with the product are made of acid-resistant or corrosion-proof materials.


The machine forms products from filling, e.g., meat, or dough prepared in separate machines.
The funnel is filled with the ready-made dough. The in-feed scroll transports the dough to the rotary vane pump which feeds it through a pipe on the product-forming attachment. During the forming process the product may be sprinkled with flour, breadcrumbs or another sort of bread coating. After forming, the products are transported to the collection station, preferably the on the turntable or the belt conveyor.