Food Forming Machine (for "pierogies" dumplings)

The Food Forming Machine is intended, amongst others, for producing pierogies, noodles, potato gnocchi, and other convenience foods. It is capable of the production of a ready final product. With our machine it is possible to make pierogies with a variety of fillings of a quality comparable with, and even surpassing that of a hand-made product. The machine can work with various attachments that facilitate obtaining the expected weight, as well as the shape and visual appearance of the pierogies. With the use of auxiliary equipment, this machine can also produce Silesian dumplings, potato gnocchi, potato dumplings with and without a filling, patties, and forcemeat balls.

Technical data

Average productivity on (kg/h)pierogies of 30 g – 200
pierogies of 20 g – 200
pierogies of 15 g – 200
pierogies of 7 g – 140
potato gnocchi of 10 g – 95
patties of 70 g – 165
patties of 35 g – 125
Silesian dumplings – 80
Installed power(kW)1.1
Supply voltage3x380V
Dimensions (cm) (length/width/height)90/55/161
Weightmachine – 125 kg + attachment – approx. 15kg

The pierogies manufactured with the Food Forming Machine may have various patterns, such as: finger-like – manual or machine-made, fork-like, fingertip-like – manual or machine-made, depending on the clients' needs with respect to product ranges.
An important component of the machines is the single motoreducer 1.1 kW, which improves the reliability and energy efficiency of the machine; also important is the rotary vane pump which helps maintain the constant pressure of the filling. The result is a more precise filling of pierogies of any weight.

The machine has got three adjustments:

  • regulation of filling amount in a product
  • regulation of dough thickness of a product
  • regulation of product length.

Our Food Forming Machine is regularly modernised to cater for technological progress and users' suggestions. Consequently, since 1995 (when the first Food Forming Machine was built), a number of new models have been launched – in 2000, in 2004, until 2012, when the latest model 01MG5 was developed.