Pumps for dense liquids and fillings

Our pumps for dense liquids and fillings have been developed to meet the needs of companies that require the fast and efficient transport of liquid and semi-liquid materials from one place to another.
The pumps we offer are tried-and-tested products that boast excellent reliability and productivity.


The pumping of dense liquids in the plants processing milk, fruit and vegetables, chemicals, sugar, cosmetics, etc.

Technical data

Lobe pump, type 01 BJ

Installed power1.5 kW
Supply voltage3x380V
productivity5–13 ml
maximum forcing pressure0.5 MPa
Dimensionslength 460 mm
width 460 mm
height 760 mm
Weight100 kg

Lobe pump, type 01 BZ

Installed power4.0 kW
Supply voltage3x380V
productivity13–38 ml
maximum forcing pressure0.4 MPa
Dimensionslength 700 mm
width 460 mm
height 1,010 mm
Weight260 kg

Lobe pump, type 01 EK

Installed power11.0 kW
Supply voltage3x380V
Productivity60–130 ml
maximum forcing pressure0.25 MPa
Dimensionslength 1,260 mm
width 895 [mm]
height 670 mm
Weight460 kg