"Kolus" Chipper

The "Kolus" Chipper is designed to reduce wood of up to Ø100 mm into small parts , however it will work just as effectively with much smaller twigs (e.g. Ø 2 mm).
Due to the optimum position of blades, it does not require a high-power drive. All it takes is an agricultural tractor, e.g. Ursus c330, or in the electric version, a 11 kW drive.

Technical data

Installed power24KM
Dimensions (cm) (length/width/height)135/135/80
Weightapprox. 200 kg

The "Kolus" Chipper reduces wood of 90–150 mm into sections, depending on the diameter of the input (the smaller the branch, the longer the section).
The length of the cut-off section depends on the diameter of the processed branch.
Thus fragmented wood, stored in a heap, is not susceptible to decomposition, which cannot be said of very small chips.
We organise presentations of the operating machine in Warsaw or in the Lubleskie Province after a suitable date has been arranged.
The power is transmitted from the tractor onto the cutting shaft through a three row chain. The modern self-supporting design is lightweight and extremely durable.
Its robustness is proven by the fact that if it "chokes" (e.g. on a branch which is too big), the machine will not be damaged, but it will automatically shut off the drive.
The machine has a catch for connecting a small trailer.