We offer both guarantee and after-guarantee service of our machines.
The machines are designed so that clients are able to carry out the parts which most often change out themselves, at a low cost. In such a case, we offer the quick and reliable delivery of the necessary spare parts within a few hours of placing an order. Also after-guarantee services and general overhauls are carefully planned so that all the activities can be performed on a single day, without the prolonged obstruction of work.

All the spare parts for our machines can be found on shelves in special sectors assigned to a given device,

The clear and comprehensible technical drawings included in the Operation and Maintenance Manual and User Manual will help you easily identify the worn out part which prevents the ordering a wrong replacement.

We do our best to always be at your service, therefore our teams reach every client in the whole of Poland within 48 hours from placing an order, and – after the necessary arrangements have been made – abroad.

If need be, we also work on statutory holidays.
Our technical support line answers your call 7 days a week. Please call:

(+48) 22 619 12 61, or (+48) 698 744 427 (mobile), or (+48) 503 869 129 (mobile)

A phone conversation with our technician should help you determine and sometimes remove the source of breakdown that delays work.
Feel free to call our technicians who will gladly help you solve any problem with our machines.