Stuffer for doughnuts, pastry rolls, fruit and vegetables

Our doughnut stuffer is a multifunction device for pastry shops and catering companies.

Technical data

Productivity for doughnuts1200/hour
Dose volume2 – infinity
Dosage time0.1 – infinity
Funnel volume13 l or 18 l
Supply3 x 380 V
Power0.37 kW
Dimensions (length/width/height)330 x 380 x 500 mm
Weight38 kg

Depending on the additional attachments it may be used for:

  • the accurate stuffing of doughnuts, steamed dumplings, croissants, pastry rolls, and similar confectionery, as well as stuffing of fruit and vegetables (pears, apples, peppers)
  • dosage of all sorts of masses, creams or fruit pulps.

With additional equipment, it may be used to form uniform ball-shaped products, such as: potato dumplings, Silesian dumplings, forcemeat balls, etc.
The doughnut stuffer is a small device, made of stainless or acid-resistant steel, permitted for use with foodstuffs.


Stuffing doughnuts takes place by putting them onto needles that automatically fill them with a pre-set amount of filling. It is cable of stuffing two pieces at the same time. It is has a special valve to prevent the outflow of excess filling.
Forcemeat balls, dumplings and Silesian dumplings can be formed if a special attachment has been added. An additional device can be mounted to form hollows in Silesian dumplings.
The manual dispenser, when activated, supplies a pre-set amount of filling in cycles. This can be utilised, e.g., when spreading jam on cookies.
The device also enables the dispensing of the mass from the container using an appropriately chosen nozzle.
The amount of dispensed mass is adjusted in two ways: mechanically and by adjusting dispensing times, which offers a wide range of settings. The control system used in the stuffer enables the use of a number of operation modes: continuous, independent from the button, continuous button-controlled, pulse.