Pancake Maker – basic model

The machine is designed for the continuous baking of pancake batter as a 200 mm wide rectangle of any length.

Technical data

Productivityapprox. 20 litres of dough/hour
approx. 10 pieces, dimension: 20x20 (the length of pieces is adjustable)
approx. 2 metres/minute, 20 cm wide
driving power0.06 kW
heating power6kW
Supply~ 3x380V
Weight30 kg
Overall dimensions (Width x Length x Height)96.5 cm x 60 cm x 44.4 cm
Equivalent sound level Leqbelow 68dB A

The basic model of the Pancake Maker features the following adjustments:

  • frying temperature
  • pancake length – from 5 cm, with 1 cm increments until infinity

thickness of pancake when being fried.


Before starting the machine, prepare batter, and pour it into the dispensing container. The feeding roll rotating in the tank of the batter feeder collects the batter from the tank and feeds it onto the surface of the heating drum heated to a suitable temperature. Fried pancakes are transported onto a conveyor (length 500-1000 mm). The ready pancake pieces can be put into stacks of 20 (pancakes do not stick together). The length of pancake pieces is controlled by changing the setting on the control panel to the "PLACEK" position. The pancake piece formed in the pancake maker travels on the conveyor.