Pancake Maker model features the stuffing spreading unit


The ZPF stuffing spreading unit is designed to spread a portion of stuffing over pancake pieces during the production of pancakes, croquettes, etc.

Technical data

Dimensions together with the pancake maker (Width x Length x Height)400 cm x 760 cm x 800 cm
Weight together with the pancake maker90 kg
Supply voltage3x380V, 50Hz
Installed system of protection against electric shockearthing
Installed power0.55kW
Motor protection levelIP55
Equivalent sound level Leqbelow 70 dB(A)
Productivity400–600 croquettes per hour

The amount of stuffing spread over the pancake can be regulated via:

  • adjustable duration of pump cycle; it is a stepless, electronic regulation,
  • pump capacity; it is a mechanical regulation.

What is more, it is possible to select the point of stuffing discharge onto a piece or spread it all over the piece.

The ZPF meets all the hygiene-related requirements for machines used in the food industry. All the parts which come into contact with the product are made of acid-resistant or corrosion-proof materials.


The pancake piece fried on the heating drum travels on the conveyor under the ZPF nozzle. At the appropriate moment, the ZPF drive is turned on and the nozzle discharges the pre-set amount of stuffing. The stuffing pushed out of the nozzle is cut off by a knife powered by a pneumatic actuator.
The pancake with stuffing is manually folded as it moves along the conveyor.