Pancake Maker model features the stuffing spreading unit and the pancake folding unit


The Pancake Maker, equipped with the stuffing spreading unit and the pancake folding unit, is used to make pancakes of various lengths and any amount of stuffing. In addition, it has a device for rolling up the pancakes.
It greatly facilitates the production of rolled pancakes.

Technical data

machine productivityapprox. 10 pieces/minute, dimension: 20x20 cm,
approx. 2 metres/min
400–600 rolled pancakes
driving power0.06 kW
heating power6kW
Supply~ 3x380V
Weight90 kg


The pancake piece fried on the heating drum travels under the stuffing dispenser.
At the appropriate moment, the filling is discharged from the dispenser, creating a layer of approx. 5 mm on the pancake.
As the intermediate product travels along the conveyor belt, it comes into the reach of a special brush which rolls it up.