Cabbage squeezer

It is used to remove excessive amounts of juice from cabbage that is processed into salad or filling for pierogies.

The machine has a drive and pneumatic control, which means that it is free of risks associated with using electricity.

The operating pressure of the machine is 4–10 kg/cm2.

The squeezer boasts quick and efficient operation.

The pressure of the actuator is 314 kg with a pressure of 4 kg/cm2 and 758 kg with a pressure of 10 kg/cm2.

The pressure is programmable.

The squeezer will process cabbage with a temperature up to 100°C.

The machine has got wheels and a folding handle which facilitates its easy transport.


Squeezing the liquid out from the proceeded product is performed by subjecting it to pressure in a cylinder with holes for the juice to flow out. The holes are small enough to prevent the cabbage from flowing out of the cylinder (shredded not ground cabbage). The pressure of the piston comes from the action of the pneumatic actuator (with a maximum operating pressure of 10 kg/cm2 – the pressure exerted by the piston is 785.3 kg). The juice flows down to a tank, and then through the outlet into the drain.


  • Put the cabbage into the tank.
  • Put the lid on the flange which is the end part of the basket
  • Place the control lever in the topmost position (squeezing of the cabbage commences – c.10 minutes).
  • Place the control lever in the bottommost position (the piston is lowered).
  • Remove the lid.
  • Check if enough juice has been removed from the cabbage (should the result be unsatisfactory, mix the cabbage and repeat the operation).
  • Place the control lever in the topmost position and lift the processed cabbage to the level enabling its removal (putting the control lever to the neutral position will stop the piston).


It is permitted to thoroughly wash the machine with running water.

It is an ideal solution in stuffing production where the basic material is correctly preprocessed cabbage.

The Cabbage Squeezer can be loaded with up to 50 l of material.

Upon the client's request, we can produce a squeezer of any capacity.