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A device for continuous baking of pancake dough in two forms:

  • tapes of any length,
  • a rectangle with a width of 200 mm and any length.


The basic pancake machine has the following regulations:

  • regulation of baking temperature
  • regulation of the length of the cake from 5 cm by one centimetre to infinity and it is possible to adjust the thickness of the fried cake.


  • Output:
    • approx. 20 litres of dough/hour
    • approx. 10 sheets 20×20 cm (the length of the sheet is adjustable)
    • approx. 2 m/min. 20 cm wide
  • Drive power 0.06 kW
  • Heater power 6 kW
  • Supply voltage:  ~3×380 V
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Dimensions (cm) (W/L/H) 146 x 60 x 49
  • Sound level below 68dB A