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The turntable is an auxiliary technological device that improves and facilitates work. It acts as a buffer that allows for quiet work at the machine, without causing the products to pile up.

It is recommended for the production of spherical homogeneous culinary products and dumplings.

Auxiliary device for transport, collection of details and materials in containers.



  • Installed power (kW) – 0.9
  • Supply voltage (V): 3x 400 V, 3P+N+PE; 50 Hz – can be adjusted to the voltage in the buyer’s country
  • Number of revolutions: 5 / minute
  • Dimensions (cm) (length/width): 98 / 92
  • Height: according to the device with which it works
  • Table top diameter (cm): 100
  • Weight (kg): 60


At the customer’s request, there is option of a protective band around the turntable.