Noodle Forming Machines

The 01HT Noodle Forming Machine produces noodles - the shape of which depends on the matrix used.
The machine is composed of drive components, a dough mixer and a kneading machine integrated with the pumping unit and the matrix.
The shape of noodles depends on the matrix used and the client's requirements.

01HT technical data

Productivityapprox. 60/70 kg/ha
Power supply3x380 V
Power of the mixing drive0.75 kW
Power of the pumping drive2.2 kW
Capacity of the kneading machines20l
Capacity of the kneading-forcing machine20l
DimensionsLength 1300 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 1600 mm
Weight 300 kg


Ingredients: flour, water, oil, eggs or egg powder. The ingredients are mixed by the top kneading machine. Next, the mixed dough is transported to the lower kneading machine where an in-feed scroll is located. The in-feed scroll of the lower kneading machine pumps the dough through the matrix and a little knife installed behind it cuts the ribbons of noodles into sections of the required length. The noodles undergo preliminary drying on the sieves below and are prepared for further drying.