Fruit and vegetable pressing machine

The vertical pressing machine consists of a base on which a tank is mounted.
Inside the tank, there is a sieve insert as well as a mixer powered by the drive installed in the base (through gear wheels, wedged belts and a roller).
There is a lid with an outlet and a cap with a bowl on the tank.
A control cabinet is mounted on the base. The interior of the base, where there are moving parts, is covered with tin covers.
The whole machine stands on feet. These have a thread that enables the regulation of their height.
All the parts which come into contact with the product are made of acid-resistant steel and teflon.
The base and control cabinet are made of stainless steel.


Once the pressing machine is switched on the product is placed in the feeder bowl on a cap. From there, it reaches the machine inside via a hole in the wall. Here the product comes into contact with a rotating mixer which thrusts the product, with the centrifugal force, to the sieve surface in the sieve insert. As a result of the motion between the mixer and the sieve the product is crushed. The product, crushed to a sufficient extent, reaches the tank via the sieve. From there, through the discharge pipe at the tank bottom, the product leaves the machine to a supplied container.
Hard fruit parts which have not be crushed are gotten rid of through the lid hole to a small trough with a closing flap. From there they fall into a supplied container.

Technical data

Productivity (depends on the raw material and size of sieve holes)500-1800 [kg/h]
Installed power4,0 [kW]
Number of rotor rmp510 [obr./min.]
Weight250 [kg]
Sieve hole diameter (at client’s request)1-3 [mm]
Overall dimensionsLength 1060 [mm]
Width 480 [mm]
Height 1410 [mm]
Weight 250 [kg]