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Cabbage squeezer

It is used to remove excessive amounts of juice from cabbage that is processed into salad or filling for dumplings. 

The machine has pneumatic drive and control, working pressure – 4 atmospheres, which means that there is no danger associated with the use of electricity. The squeezer is characterized by very fast and thus effective work. 

The working capacity of the squeezer is 50 litres. Upon the client’s request, we can produce a squeezer of any capacity.

The actuator thrust corresponds to a thrust of 560 kg



  • The working capacity 50 litres
  • Working pressure 4 atmospheres
  • Actuator pressure 560 k 
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 97 x 60 x 159 cm
  • Weight: 97 x 60 x 159



The turntable is an auxiliary technological device that improves and facilitates work. It acts as a buffer that allows for quiet work at the machine, without causing the products to pile up.

It is recommended for the production of spherical homogeneous culinary products and dumplings.

Auxiliary device for transport, collection of details and materials in containers.



  • Installed power (kW) – 0.9
  • Supply voltage (V): 3x 400 V, 3P+N+PE; 50 Hz – can be adjusted to the voltage in the buyer’s country
  • Number of revolutions: 5 / minute
  • Dimensions (cm) (length/width): 98 / 92
  • Height: according to the device with which it works
  • Table top diameter (cm): 100
  • Weight (kg): 60


At the customer’s request, there is option of a protective band around the turntable.


Noodle Forming Machine 01HT

The noodle forming machine forms noodle with a shape depending on the used mould.

The machine consists of a body containing drive elements, a dough mixer, a kneading trough combined with a pressing unit and a mould.

Our standard offer includes moulds for several basic pasta shapes.   Depending on the needs, we are able to make various moulds on a special order.

Principle of operation

The ingredients for the dough are mixed by the upper kneading trough, and then the mixed dough is poured into the lower kneading trough with a worm.

The lower kneading trough’s worm presses the mass through the moulds, and the knife cuts the noodles behind the mould to the desired length.

The noodles are pre-dried in the sieves below and prepared for further drying.



  • Output: about 80 kg/h
  • Kneading trough capacity: 20 litres
  • Kneading-forcing trough capacity: 20 litres
  • Mixing drive power: 0.75kW
  • Pumping drive power: 2.2kW
  • Power Supply: 3x 400 V, 3P+N+PE; 50 Hz – can be adjusted to the voltage in the buyer’s country
  • Dimensions (cm) (length/width/height): 130/ 80 / 170
  • Weight: 300 kg


Pressing machines

The device (P01) is designed for the production of potato purées. After equipping the device with other equipment, it can also be used for the production of dumplings, potato dumplings, Silesian dumplings, etc.


Principle of operation

The dough in the hopper is moved by a vane pump to the rubbing head, from which it flows out in the form of irregular particles. The dough in this form falls into hot water, where it is “cut”.


  • Supply voltage 3×380 V
  • Installed power 0.55 kW
  • Electricity protection system – protective bonding and grounding
  • Motor protection IP55
  • Capacity up to 200 kg/h
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 97 x 36 x 159 cm
  • Weight 70 kg



The machine is used for deep frying various types of ready-to-cook products.

The fryer allows to deep fry products with a solid consistency: croquettes, cutlets, minced cutlets, hamburgers, fries. The frying is done by moving the product on a belt along a tub filled with oil. Smooth regulation of frying time and oil temperature guarantees high repeatability of production. 

Thanks to the double tape (lower and upper), the product is always immersed in oil. The line is perfect for both sinking and floating products. Drivers mounted on the tape guarantee smooth movement of the product along the line. The tub is equipped with thermal insulation.

The device allows to completely remove the transporter and heaters for convenient washing of all elements. The drive and heating section can be completely removed, so the remaining elements can be pressure washed without fear of flooding the electrical components.

The set includes a cover. The whole structure is based on 4 wheels for convenient transport.



  • Stainless design
  • Smooth temperature control up to 210 degrees C – clear display and additional thermal protection
  • Belt speed control
  • Heater power (W) 3 x 4000 or 6 x 4000
  • Oil Quantity:
    • min 50 l
    • max 75 l
  • Frying performance 
    • about 100 kg/h



The vertical pressing machine is used for grinding soft fruit and vegetables. After selecting the appropriate sieve, the device can be used to obtain various types of puree.


Principle of operation:

After starting the pressing machine, we feed the product to the charging pan, from where it flows into the interior through a hole in the wall. Here the product comes into contact with a rotating mixer which thrusts the product, with the centrifugal force, to the sieve surface in the sieve insert. As a result of the motion between the mixer and the sieve the product is crushed.

The product, crushed to a sufficient extent, reaches the tank via the sieve. From there, through the discharge pipe at the tank bottom, the product leaves the machine to a supplied container. 

The hard parts of the fruit, which are not shredded, are thrown through the opening in the lid into the trough with a flap. From here they fall into the supplied container.


All the parts which come into contact with the product are made of acid-resistant steel and Teflon. The base and control cabinet are made of stainless steel.



  • Output*: 650-1800 [kg/h]

  • Drive power: 4.0 [kW]

  • Pressing machine rotor revolutions: 510 [rpm]

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 106 x 92,5 x 141

  • Weight: 250 kg


Possible mesh diameters in the sieve (on the customer’s request): 1-3 [mm]

* depends on the type of raw material and mesh size in the sieve



Professional stuffing mixer, designed for mixing and aerating various types of stuffing. The mixer has a protection against automatic tilting and falling out of the stuffing. The machine has a protection against opening the mixing bowl and has a tilting bowl that allows easy removal of the stuffing.  Parts in direct contact with food are made of stainless steel.



  • Installed power (kW) – 1.1
  • Supply voltage (V): 400
  • Dimensions (cm) (length / width / height): 56x88x105
  • Weight (kg): – 70 
  • Capacity (l):
    • calculation: 90
    • usable: 70
  • Rotation speed: 30 rpm
  • Bowl sheet thickness (mm): 2



The donut stuffer is a multifunctional, semi-automatic device for confectioneries and catering establishments.

The device has a wide range of applications, depending on the instrumentation, it can be used for:

  1. Precise stuffing of donuts, yeast dumplings and other confectionery products,
  2. Dosing of various types of masses, fruit pulp, etc.
     – repeatable and adjustable dose amount.
  3. Dosing masses to wafer tubes


Principle of operation.

The donuts are stuffed by putting them on the needles, which results in automatic filling – a precisely defined dose of mass. The device allows you to fill 2 pieces at the same time, with a special valve preventing excess filling from flowing out.
After being started, the automatic dispenser gives the specified dose amount cyclically. It is used, for example, when applying marmalade on cookies.
The device also allows dosing the mass into containers with the use of an appropriately selected mouthpiece.
The size of the mass to be fed is regulated in two ways: mechanically and by dosing time control, which enables a wide range of settings. The control used in the stuffer enables various operating modes: continuous, independent of the button, continuous controlled by the button, impulse.



  • Dose min. 2g
  • Dosing time 0.1-10s
  • Power supply 3x 400 V, 3P+N+PE; 50 Hz – can be adjusted to the voltage in the buyer’s country
  • Power 0.25kW
  • Hopper capacity 13 or 18 liters
  • Device dimensions: (L x W x H) cm: 62 x 31 x 70
  • Weight: 38kg